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Snow Chains

Snow Chains

HUSKY Snow Chains and Snow Socks

Choose from Heavy duty Snow Chains crafted from robust steel or modern Snow Socks made from hi-tech material, designed to give extra grip on snow and ice.

These winter essentials are tailored to the size to your vehicle's tire specifications. Each package contains a set of 2 Snow Chains or Snow Socks for your drive wheels, along with fitting instructions, plastic gloves, and a convenient carry case for your car boot. Ideal for skiing trips or snowy drives, Husky Chains and Socks are easy to install (Socks can be fitted in minutes), highly durable, and certified for European and alpine use. Choose reliability and safety for your car and family – Husky, straightforward to fit, secure and durable.

Ensure your vehicle has ample clearance between the tire and chassis before installation.

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