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  • In stock and made to order just for you in England
  • Supplied with clips to fit seamlessly into existing fittings in your vehicle
  • Set of 4 mats including driver, passenger, and 2 rear mats
  • Water-resistant and anti-slip finished with a rubber backing
  • 12-month warranty covering manufacturing defects
  • Quick delivery
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"My BMW car mats are better than the originals and I love the white leather trim - a perfect match!"

Review from Nigel Walker, London

Custom Car Mats to Upgrade Your Cars' Interior

Your search for a set of perfect fit car mats concludes here at Your Car Parts. We are specialists in the manufacture of custom car mats that are made to fit..More

Latest Car Models For Car Mats

Discover the newest additions to our collection. Your Car Parts proudly presents the latest range of car mats designed to fit the most recent car models. Our commitment to quality, precision, and longevity is reflected in these mats, tailored to complement and safeguard the interiors of these contemporary vehicles. All this is engineered with precise measurements and contours in mind that guarantee a flawless fit, ensuring both protection and style.

Explore our latest arrivals to find the perfect mats that blend seamlessly with your vehicle's design while offering unmatched functionality and appeal.

Latest Products

Serving Mats For An Array Of Car Brands

Our offerings include a collection of car mats specifically designed for a number of car brands. With over 60+ renowned car brands in our inventory, we make sure that each car owner finds the perfect match of car mats for their beloved vehicle.

Whether it's Audi, BMW, Ford, or Mercedes-Benz, our selection covers a wide spectrum of popular car manufacturers. Our fully tailored mats replicate the factory-fitted mats, guaranteeing a perfect fit, waterproofing, and durability, and are equipped with all the correct fixings to hold them in place securely. The customisation service allows you to choose the mats to your liking, adding an aesthetic appeal to your car's interior.

Besides customising, our car mat services extend to logo car mats, allowing you to feature your car's logo on the mats. You can further personalise the fonts and font size, opting for a simple, larger style or a more dramatic appearance to create a unique look. Here are the car brands for which we supply car mats:

Tailored Car Mats for Your Vehicle - Quality Guaranteed

At Your Car Parts, we take pride in crafting the finest quality custom car mats in the UK, tailored precisely to fit your vehicle. Hand-finished by skilled artisans in the UK, our car mats assure the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style.

Starting at just £26.99 for a complete set of standard-sized car mats, our range encompasses driver and passenger mats along with two small rear mats. For larger vehicles such as cars, MPVs, vans, trucks, and motorhomes, we offer extended mat sets to accommodate diverse needs.

Dedicated to catering to every car enthusiast, our bespoke service extends to classic cars, ensuring that even vintage vehicles receive custom-fit mats. Choose from a diverse selection of premium-quality carpets, or opt for our resilient 5mm industrial rubber mats, tailored to suit your preferences.

Express your individuality by personalising your mats with high-quality embroidered logos or personalised text. And that's not all! You can also get your mats embroidered with your favourite letter, family initials, or even a loved one's name. It's a special way to make your car uniquely yours and add some sentimental value to every drive.

What sets Your Car Mats apart from other suppliers?
Your Car Parts stand out because we make car mats that fit your specific vehicle perfectly. Most mats are just plain black, but ours are customised to match different types of cars exactly. We use really good materials, like special carpets and strong rubber, and we show you exactly how they fit in your car before you buy. Plus, you can even add your own writing or logos and get free samples to pick the right colour. Our mats are special because they're made just for you, but if there's a problem, we'll help sort it out with our returns policy.
How do I choose the right car mats for my vehicle?
Selecting the perfect car mats for your vehicle is effortless at Your Car Parts. You have various options to identify the right mats. You can choose your vehicle's manufacturer either from the badges provided above or through the menu on the left-hand side of the website. This allows you to browse through the available accessories tailored to your specific car brand. Additionally, if you prefer a more direct approach, simply input your car's registration number. This allows you to access our full range of car accessories, including our custom car mats, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your vehicle with ease.
What materials are available for the car mats?
Certainly, our car mats come in a variety of material options to cater to different preferences. The Platinum Car Mats epitomise luxury with their heavyweight and plush design, ensuring both durability and a lavish touch. If you're looking for resilience and protection, our Rubber Car Mats with quality leather edges offer robustness.

For those on a budget, our Budget Car Mats present sturdy loop-weave pile mats that are fire-retardant and reinforced with a heel pad for added durability. Seeking something easy to clean? Our Premium Car Mats feature a soft, straight-cut pile carpet that's hassle-free to maintain. Lastly, the Ultimate Car Mats offer a balance of luxury and value, boasting dense, velvety mats supported by a 2-year warranty, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind.
Do you offer car mats for classic or vintage cars?
Absolutely, we proudly extend our services to cater to classic and vintage car enthusiasts. At Your Car Parts, we recognise the unique charm and requirements of classic automobiles. That's why we offer a bespoke service tailored explicitly for these treasured vehicles. Our bespoke service ensures that even vintage cars receive the attention to detail they deserve. Whether it's a classic roadster, a vintage sedan, or a timeless collector's car, our custom car mat service is dedicated to providing a perfect fit for these unique vehicles.
How do I clean and maintain the car mats?
Regular cleaning is essential to ensure your car mats maintain their quality. Vacuuming or spot cleaning with mild detergent works well for fabric-based mats, like Premium and Budget Car Mats. Rubber Car Mats are simpler to clean. Just remove them and hose them down with mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and air dry mats after cleaning to maintain their quality.
Are the car mats waterproof or water-resistant?
Our car mats are equipped with 100% waterproof backing, ensuring absolute protection against moisture, snow, and dirt. This feature, combined with the manufacturer's warranty and fire-retardant properties, guarantees the highest level of defence for your vehicle's interior. You can rely on these mats to maintain your car's cleanliness and integrity even in the most challenging conditions.
What's included in a standard-sized set of car mats?
A complete set of car mats encompasses essential components for your vehicle's front and rear sections. This inclusive package includes a mat for the driver's side, a corresponding mat for the passenger side, and two smaller mats designed for the rear seating area. This arrangement ensures comprehensive coverage and safeguards the primary traffic zones within your car.
Can I return or exchange the mats if they don't fit my vehicle?
At Your Car Parts, our tailored car mats are crafted precisely to match the specifications provided by our customers. As these mats are personalised based on individual choices beyond the standard black mats with black trim, they fall under the category of customised products. Unfortunately, customised mats ordered incorrectly in terms of size, fixings, or vehicle details cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged.

However, our commitment to accuracy includes providing a CAD pattern display, detailed fixing information, free template services, and material samples to ensure satisfaction before purchase. We stand by our products' quality and offer resolution for any discrepancies as per our Returns Policy and Procedure.
Are Your Car Mats manufactured in the UK?
Yes, our Car Mats are manufactured right here in the UK. We take great pride in creating these mats locally, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality. Our skilled craftsmen and manufacturing processes are based here in the UK, allowing us to maintain strict quality control. This means that not only are our mats tailored precisely for your vehicle, but they are also crafted with exceptional skill and attention to detail, all done within the UK.
What's the turnaround time for custom car mats?
The turnaround time for our tailor-made car mats usually requires 3 to 5 working days for dispatch. Off-the-shelf items, such as car accessories and rubber boot liners ordered before 12 pm, are shipped on the same day.

For UK orders, we offer free 24-hour shipping, ensuring fair shipping charges without extra costs. If you're outside the UK, simply email us with your item details and delivery address for a quote on delivery charges to Europe or other global regions. We'll swiftly provide you with all the necessary information.
When is it recommended to consider replacing car mats?
If your car mats start slipping or look really old and worn out, or if they're all stained and can't be cleaned anymore, it's probably time to get new ones. Also, if they don't fit well, smell bad, or have mold on them, it's a good idea to switch them out. Changing your mats when needed helps keep your car clean and safe for driving.
How are the car mats at Your Car Parts designed to prevent slipping inside the vehicle?
To stop your car mats from sliding about in your car, all our mats at Your Car Parts have a special rubber bottom that stops them from moving easily. They're designed to stay put on your car's floor, so you won't have to worry about them shifting around. Plus, each mat comes with strong clips to keep it firmly in place. This stops the mat from bunching up or getting stuck under the pedals while you're driving, making it safer for you on the road.
What's the best way to keep car mats looking new?
Keeping your car mats looking fresh and clean is simple! Start by brushing off any dust from the surface. Then, give the mat a good shake and bang to loosen up the dirt. Next, use a vacuum to clean the surface and a hose or pressure washer for deeper dirt. Spray some carpet shampoo or washing detergent on the mat and scrub it with a brush. Vacuum again to remove all the grime, and finally, hang the mat in a well-ventilated area to dry.